Let’s talk about Masturbation

Hey everyone, welcome back! As the title suggests, today we are going to talk about masturbation, because it’s an important and necessary conversation to have. (Mum, you might want to sit this one out.)
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Don’t Buy Me That ‘Feminist’ tshirt You Saw

As someone who is openly feminist, I know many people think of me when they see ‘feminist’ merchandise. Whether it’s tshirts, posters, stickers, or bags, I often get a “Oh this made me think of you!”. And I’m not criticising that, I mean I’m glad they’re thinking of me and I don’t dislike the association, but I just want them to be aware of what kind of merchandise they are looking at. The real issue, for me, starts when people buy things because they seem feminist, when in reality they are not. 

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Intersectional Feminism

I’ve written a post a few months back explaining why I am a feminist and how as women we experience sexism in our everyday life, starting from a very young age (you can find the post here). What I failed to mention, however, is what kind of feminist I am. As the title suggests, I am an Intersectional Feminist. Sadly, this needs to be mentioned as there are many so-called feminist women who only speak out for themselves and who therefore don’t act on an intersectional level. The stereotypical man-hating white feminism that is so passionately portrayed by the media is often held by white, middle-class, heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied women who tend to only focus on the issues that concern their own type of women, which honestly is a minority. Thanks to their privileges, they have a platform and a voice compared to so many other women, and I don’t feel they always use it in the most efficient and inclusive way.

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I am a Feminist

Before some of you start rolling your eyes, you should actually understand what feminism is about. Too many people repeat what others say about it, without actually trying to have a conversation on the matter. Feminism is about equality. It isn’t about the superiority of women, or revenge on men, it is about equality, entirely. I’m sure you’re dying to mention this feminist girl you know, or heard of, who is full of anger towards men and wants to dominate them, but that isn’t feminism. Actual feminists do not agree with that. I often get called extreme because of my opinions, but what’s extreme about wanting equality?

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