Intersectional Feminism

I’ve written a post a few months back explaining why I am a feminist and how as women we experience sexism in our everyday life, starting from a very young age (you can find the post here). What I failed to mention, however, is what kind of feminist I am. As the title suggests, I am an Intersectional Feminist. Sadly, this needs to be mentioned as there are many so-called feminist women who only speak out for themselves and who therefore don’t act on an intersectional level. The stereotypical man-hating white feminism that is so passionately portrayed by the media is often held by white, middle-class, heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied women who tend to only focus on the issues that concern their own type of women, which honestly is a minority. Thanks to their privileges, they have a platform and a voice compared to so many other women, and I don’t feel they always use it in the most efficient and inclusive way.

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