LGBTQ+ Visibility – Being Lesbian

Hey everyone!

Here is part 2 of the series ‘LGBTQ+ Visibility’. You can find part 1 here.

This series is about visibility, for people to share their experiences and whatever they want about their identity. Today’s post is about being lesbian.

Thank you to those who took the time to write a little something! Enjoy x

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LGBTQ+ visibility – Being Bi

Hello everyone, welcome (or welcome back!)

I’ve been meaning to start a series on here for a little while, without ever quite finding the time or the right moment. But the start of Pride month seems pretty perfect! So basically, this LGBTQ+ visibility series is about just that- visibility! It’s to share people’s experiences, and give them the opportunity to share whatever it is they want about who they are and their identity. This first post is – as the title suggests – about being bi.

A big thank you to the lovely people who have taken the time to write a little something!

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I Like Boys…and Girls

(This post accidentally got deleted, so I’ve reposted it but it was written in March 2018)

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for quite a while now, but without ever being sure of the approach I wanted to take. As the title suggests, I’ll be writing about the fact that I am bisexual. It wasn’t an easy journey, nor a romantic one that can be seen in films – where one takes a glance at a beautiful girl and they instantly fall in love and are able to discover their sexuality together, or with one helping the other. It was an emotional journey full of confusion, doubt and shame. I’m not sure whether or not I can say I’ve truly found and understood myself now, but at least I’ve accepted myself – which is more than I could’ve wished for a couple years back. 

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Coming Out to my Family

After coming out to my friends, I didn’t know how long it would take for me to tell my family. I really wanted to get it off my chest, but I had no idea what kind of reactions to expect from my parents. I didn’t know who to tell first, or how to tell them.
The first family member I ended up telling was my cousin, which seemed normal and natural to me as I consider her one of my closest friends. As anticipated, she was more than okay with it and we then had a nice conversation about it. 

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We Grew up in a Heteronormative Society

We grew up in a heteronormative society, and despite obvious progress, we still live in one. A heteronormative society is a society which promotes heterosexuality as the norm and/or the preferred sexual orientation. I often read comments about how it isn’t the case anymore, considering how much we talk about anything queer-related nowadays and how better informed we are. I mean, yes, we do talk about it way more and it’s slowly becoming more and more accepted, but it’s still not considered the ‘norm’. Here’s a very simple example: we still need to come out. If being gay, or bi, or anything in the LGBTQ+ community was considered normal, then we wouldn’t generally assume that every baby is straight and cisgender until proven otherwise.

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