Interview with a Mental Health Advocate

Today I’ve decided to do something a little different. I want more mental health related posts on my blog, and, since my best friend is a mental health advocate, why not do an interview? Enjoy!

Firstly, can you introduce yourself please?

I am Angela, a mental health and lifestyle blogger over at Unapologetically Angie, a Time to Change young champion, a recent modern languages graduate and a lover of dogs. Welcome to my corner of the internet.

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My Social Anxiety at University

During my first two years at university, my anxiety got worse than ever before. I’ve had social anxiety a majority of my life, although I wasn’t always aware of it, but it had never truly prevented me from living normally. Four years ago, before going to university, I went to live in Italy for a semester to improve my language skills. I started to notice I was overly shy and uncomfortable in so many social situations, but I think I just blamed it on the fact that I wasn’t Italian and that I couldn’t speak the language very well. I struggled eating in public and cooking in front of others, but again I never considered it could be anything other than shyness, simply because no one had ever talked to me about anxiety, and honestly I wasn’t even sure what the word meant. So since I didn’t have anything or anyone I could relate to, I figured it was all just part of my personality and that I’d be that way forever.